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Birthday Cakes Manchester & Nationwide Delivery

Mini Naked Lotus Birthday Cake Biscoff Speculoos Manchester

Mini Cakes Manchester

Guylian Cake Seashells Praline Hazelnut

Manchester Delivery

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Manchester Local Delivery

Kinder Bueno Cupcakes Selection Nationwide U.K

Manchester Delivery

Cherry Cake

Our Story

Our goal at Aphrodite’s Cakes is to bring the joy of cake to everyone. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients and follow traditional recipes with a modern flair. Our unique flavor combinations and artistic designs have made us a popular choice for events and special occasions. We are so grateful for the support of our customers and community, which is why we are excited to offer our cake school online. Our courses cover everything from the basics of cake baking to advanced decorating techniques, so there is something for everyone. Join our cake school community today!

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